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My Music Community

Mark Lavengood

Mark and I met in 2009, working on his first solo record, and our relationship continues to this day.  Mark's unmistakable enthusiasm for life and music is contagious.  He's one of the finest musicians to come from West Michigan and if he's not on tour or working in Nashville, he calls Michigan home.

Find out more about Mark here.

Nicholas James & the Bandwagon

The Grand Rapids native's music is alternately whimsical, soulful, and powerful, yet always true to its creator and the life he lives. Nick and his tribe have made four records with me over the years and I'm always looking forward to the next project.

Find out more about Nick here.

Greg at Second Story Sound was a dream to work with in the studio. He is flexible, creative, kind, a wonderful listener, and exceptionally knowledgeable...all making the recording process comfortable and most enjoyable. He took my songs and ideas and collaboratively helped me transform them into masterpieces, my best work yet. He treated my songs with the utmost care and attention, as if they were his own and it shows in the finished product. I plan to work with him again and recommend him and his studio to anyone, beginner or professional, looking to capture their music. 

Chain of Lakes

Chain of Lakes creates smart, atmospheric music that leans on folk, rock, country and the band's roots here in Michigan.  They're exceptionally talented and weave rich musical tapestries behind the stories they tell.

Find out more about Chain of Lakes here.

Heading 5
Some kind words from the people I'm lucky enough to work with.

"I have recorded so many projects at Second Story Sound with Greg Baxter at the helm engineering (including my debut dobro album). The space is open and very natural sounding. The mics, instruments and gear are worth the rate alone! I look forward to doing many more recording sessions with Greg at the studio." - Mark Lavengood

"One of the finest elements of recording with Second Story Sound is the space. Greg has done a masterful job reducing the stress of studio work by creating an environment that breathes creativity and comfort. When there, we've always felt at ease to experiment with our songs and spend time on the minutia without feeling like we've wasted time or that we need to rush a creative process. Part of that comes from the space he's created and part of that comes from Greg's personality. However he achieves it, it is a quality of the experience that you won't get in every studio. I would recommend Second Story Sound to anyone looking for a comfortable space to relax and let their music "breathe" for lack of a better term."  - Jason Wheeler (FauxGrass and founder of Great Lakes Music Camp)

"Greg Baxter is a total joy to work with in the studio, he's a student of the craft, and his passion for music shines through in his sounds!" - Dan Rickabus (Dan Rickabus and The Crane Wives)

"The second Baxter takes on a project he becomes a part of the band.  A true craftsman, his studio is an extension of his home and passion." - Kyle Rasche (Chain of Lakes)

“Greg Baxter brings an infectious enthusiasm to every aspect of the recording process.  From start to finish, he listens to what his clients are looking to achieve in the studio and helps them realize that artistic vision.  Beyond his technical knowledge of the recording craft, which is considerable, he is a supportive collaborator and producer who strikes that perfect balance of knowing when to sit back and hit the record button to capture a moment and when to jump in and introduce that  fresh idea or sound  that takes the project to the next level.” -  Jonathan Mason

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